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5 expert tips how to make cooking videos

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Cooking videos are all the rage right now, and it’s no wonder why: they’re fun, informative, and easy to make!

If you’ve got a camera and some basic kitchen skills, then you can make your own cooking video. Just follow these steps:

5 steps on how to make cooking videos


Step 1: Get inspired by watching other cooking videos. Find someone whose style you love and try to emulate it.

Step 2: Decide what kind of video you want to make—do you want to give tips on how to make a specific dish or just show off your skills? Think about what kind of information people might be looking for in a video about [insert topic here].

Step 3: Make sure that all of your equipment is ready to go before filming begins—you don’t want to be scrambling around looking for things when the camera starts rolling! You’ll need at least one camera (and its tripod) and an extra person holding another camera so that you can get different angles while cooking. If possible, use natural lighting rather than artificial lights like lamps or candles because they will give your video more depth and richness.

Step 4: Practice what you’re going to say first so that when it comes time

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