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10 expert tips for creating Video content

Great 10 Expert Tips for Creating Video Content in 2022

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Videos have emerged as a popular content format in recent years. You can rely on videos to market your product virtually, educate your audience, increase brand engagement and keep your social media updates. In this article, we will cover ten great video tips for creating video content.

key to every successful digital publishing strategy.

According to a study by Imba Production, 86% percent of marketers claim using video has increased traffic on their sites. Moreover, 79% of consumers admit they’ve purchased from a brand after watching their videos. Over 50% of consumers want to see videos from their favorite brands. Videos are helpful for marketing and allow the sales team to interact with the audiences on a new plane. The availability of video analytics helps brands track their progress more concretely.

Tips for creating video content

With more and more brands making their presence known on Instagram and YouTube, it would be foolish to ignore the meteoric rise of video marketing. However, it would help if you also focused on filming more videos for audience development and bringing your brand image alive.

Once you have the basics of making a marketing video, it is time to make your strategies more effective. The following video marketing tips will help you perfect your videos.

Be a storyteller

Most people do not want to watch videos for dry content. They want to see a story that will appeal to their emotions. Your goal should be to connect to your audience while distributing information. One without the other will make your marketing video fall flat. Tell stories that bring some value to a viewer, so they feel the urge to know more about your brand. Be concise and weave a cohesive narrative. This Nike video tells a great story, and although if it’s quite long, you get really engaged in the plot.

Ten expert tips for creating The Best Video Content



The best marketing videos do not ignore any customer base. Today, almost 60% surfs the Internet on their smartphone. If your video is not mobile-friendly, you will lose thousands of potential viewers because nobody is willing to work extra hard for a video with a few hundred others lined up. Most people will just click off a video if it doesn’t play on their phone. Make sure you click a mobile-friendly video, irrespective of the platform.

Tailor your video to each social media platform

You will find that different types of marketing videos perform differently on other social media platforms. The algorithm makes it so that specific videos do better and attract more viewers on a particular platform. Whether you want to post on Facebook or Instagram, customize your video according to its algorithm preferences. Research before you begin recording. For instance, Nintendo makes the most of the funny short clips popular on Instagram.

Use screen-recording to your advantage.

Marketing videos should detail the benefits of your product most lucidly. Instructional videos can go a long way in making your product more accessible to your audience. You can record your screen to capture desktop videos or a particular program interface with the help of the best screen recorders for Mac and Windows – Movavi Screen Recorder, OBS, or Bandicam. Movavi, in particular, is very user-friendly and allows easy export in different formats.

Work on an interesting title and thumbnail

Good first impressions can go a long way in retaining a viewer’s interest. Unless the title is interesting, people will not feel compelled to click on the video even if the content itself is excellent. The perfect title is a mix of keywords and wit. The former will help the video appear on people’s feeds, while the latter will make them curious. Your title should be accompanied by a crisp, high-quality thumbnail that is relevant to the content you are presenting.

Engage the viewer in the first few seconds

Once a person has clicked on a video, they will give you just a few seconds of their attention before moving on to the next video on their feed. In order to capitalize on these few seconds and keep them engaged for longer, you should come up with a short hook at the beginning of the video. The hook should explain what the video is about and encourage the viewers to watch until the end for a purpose. For example, Adobe’s advertisement for Adobe Marketing Cloud hooks you with the first phrase, making you want to “take a look at this,” too. Then, as the story unravels, you can’t do anything but wait for what happens in the end.

Don’t forget the Call To Action.

Social media offers countless distractions, and your viewers might forget to appreciate your video even if they like it just because they want to move on to the next thing on their feed. You need to remind them; that this is where Calls-to-Action or CTAs come in. Place your CTAs wisely so that the viewer is not put off. Most businesses prefer to put the CTAs at the end. Mid-roll CTAs also give a good conversation rate. CTAs should come across as polite requests instead of aggressive orders.

Don’t forget about SEO

Just like your writing content becomes more successful with effective SEO strategies, your video marketing campaign should also satisfy Google’s algorithm. Find relevant keywords and fit them into the video description and the caption without going overboard. The better SEO a video has, the better it will perform overall.

Be informative

We all want to learn something new with less effort. Getting to know something we didn’t know before while scrolling social media is a quick boost. Educational marketing videos go beyond promoting a product and engage with the viewers on another level. The goal is to be precise and crisp while keeping the tone light-hearted. Making tutorials is also a great way of helping audiences use your product more efficiently without being too promotional.


Choose your production quality wisely

Selecting the right camera and lighting can go a long way in making your video more appealing, even on social media. Audiences love to watch high-definition content. However, research has also found that some viewers prefer more authentic content that does not feel very edited and well-produced. It makes them feel like they are getting a behind-the-scenes scoop rather than a scripted video. You need to track the success rates of your videos to understand which format works better for your audience.


Target the relevant audience

You need to ensure that your videos reach the correct people. Your target demographic should be able to see the video because they are the ones who will engage with them the most. Facebook is one of the best content distribution platforms because it allows you to target your posts to a particular audience. You can segment people by their age, location, language, or gender. Once you choose a particular group for a post, only they will be able to see the video on Facebook. You can also filter the audience by their interest.


Collaborate with popular influencers in your niche

Making videos with popular influencers will give your brand a lot of exposure and build hype around it. You can tap into their audience base and gain new loyal followers who will be curious about your content. In addition, people love the opportunity of using the same products as their favorite influencers. You may not come as close as Subaru’s collaboration with Devin Graham, but this also works on a smaller scale.

Use customer-generated content

One great way of keeping your viewers engaged with your content is to involve them. For example, you can ask them to create short videos and compile them or let them review your product. Your audience will love a chance to feature in your videos.

We hope that these tips will help you film successful video content. Adding video content to your strategy will surely bring you faster results and new audiences!


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