How Your Business Can Benefit From Video Production?

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How Your Business Can Benefit From Video Production?

You may have already guessed that this is a trick question: all businesses can benefit from video production.

The number of digital video viewers is expected to reach 3.1 billion in the next two years. It is likely that (at least) one of your potential customers is in that demographic, whether you sell pencils or run a medical practice.

Once upon a time, video marketing was an option open to those willing to purchase a commercial slot on television. Now, with the rise of YouTube and inline video playback on social media, businesses have several avenues they can use to reach consumers via video. In fact, 60% of people prefer watching video content online rather than viewing it on television.

Even if you aren’t thinking of using video as part of your marketing strategy, it can benefit you in-house.

Which Video Production Type is Right for You?
There are many types of videos that can be used in business marketing, networking, and training:

Commercial videos, customer testimonials, and promotional videos can help you or your product stand out to a potential customer. These videos let the public see the faces behind the brand. They also give you the opportunity to convince the public why they should choose you over the competition.
Educational videos are often the most shared videos, as they focus on teaching someone a valuable skill—while subtly promoting a company or product, of course.
Live-streamed events and business webinars can be beneficial tools when it comes to reaching out to customers and colleagues.
Training videos have become the new employee handbook. In fact, 74% of companies surveyed in 2019 said they utilized video learning, and that percentage is on the rise.
A 2020 report by Wyzowl stated that 17% of marketers do not utilize video production as part of their strategy because they “don’t know where to start.”

The best place to start is by finding a production company that specializes in corporate video projects. You can trust Morton Visuals to deliver a high-quality product that is sure to get you a return on your investment. We are based in North Idaho and serve Sandpoint, Coeur d’Alene and Spokane as well as San Diego and Dallas.

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