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What is brand video?

Brand video or Corporate video is main marketing video for your digital company or brand. It is most important representative video tht reflects your idea and brand. Start with free quote if you are intrested in creating this type of video for your brand, service or company. 

If your business is wondering where to get started with video, a company overview video is a great place to start. Today, we’ll talk about what makes up an effective overview video and give you some insight into how we create them for our clients.

A company overview video is a broad introduction to your brand. It’s a short one to three-minute video that gives the viewer a snapshot of your brand. There are many ways and styles you can create, but an effective video will have four key pieces of information in it. 

This is the video where you show your customers how big you are, this is a video that will be a key communication video for your customers. It will increase your reach and brand trust. It will empower your clients to have clear communication with you. 

Products and Services You Sell


The product and services your company sells should be front and center. Most likely, your customer is on your website trying to learn more about what you can offer them. Describe your most popular product and services and explain how you deliver solutions to your customer’s problems.

Who do You Sell To

A company overview video should convey if you’re selling primarily to businesses or consumers. Additionally, state the industries you serve and your typical customer base. This information might seem unnecessary, but there is a chance your viewer might be seeing this without looking at your website at all. A company overview video should assume your viewer knows nothing about your company.

Where do You Sell

The video should communicate where a customer can go make a purchase. If you are an online-only business, you can direct them to a landing page, your home page, or even a Shopify store. Physical locations can state the address and typical hours of operations. Your contact information should be clear, and it’s a great call to action at the end of the video.

What Makes You Different

More often than not, you are competing against other businesses for a customer’s purchase. So it’s important to include a quick pitch on what makes you better. Is it the features you offer? Customer service? Return Policy? Whatever it is, make sure to tell a customer why to go with your brand over the competition. If you have customers who are raving about your products already, ask them to give a quick testimonial. This is great to include in an overview video because it shows the real-world performance of your products and services.

By describing your company, product, and services, who you sell them to, where you sell them, and what makes you different, you’ll give potential customers a great first look at your company. Brand and company videos have a very long life. They can be used on your website, on social media, and for paid advertising. There isn’t anywhere you can’t use a company overview.

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