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Let's make a short video that moves your brand forward

Internet is constantly evolving, the same as the ways we communicate. In latest years, short videos have been shown as most performance videos out there. They are simple, short, low cost, they move information fast, and they transfer value almost instantly. More than 80% of companies lack small videos as part of their marketing strategy, and the overwhelming majority of them, after trying micro videos, have gotten positive results in growing ROI. 

Characteristics of short-video

  • Short film duration, often under 2 minutes
  • Distributed via social media websites. Offen via Youtube Shorts, TikTok, or Instagram
  • Good connection to daily lives can be very effective as the advertising video
  • Low budget, very low budget video. Contact us for a free quote
  • Commercial or non-commercial
  • Includes all genres

How to use short video?

A Short Video, short movie, or short ad is most effective as in the content video.  In Short form, often under two minutes, communicate fast and effectively. It can be used with on-page content as embedded video, or you can use it on different social networks. 

Why should I make one short video?

Creating a short video is a great way to share information and help your viewers understand how you can help solve their problems.

What is the short-video?

A short video is a short video form. You are often made in portrait mode with mobile phones. An explainer shows off a company’s brand, product, or service. And while these are often used as external marketing videos, you can also create on-page micro videos or use them for sharing on social networks. Often these social networks are Youtube Shorts and TikTok. Micro Video is very effective in helping you generate fast sales and empower your on-page SEO. If you need some answers regarding micro video projects, contact us or request a free quote!

What is short video content

Micro video content is a new trend in marketing that pushes brands and digital identities forward. And it is doing a very good job.

how to use short video content

Short video content is best to use to promote your brand, fast and very accurate. Short stories form help you transfer information to your audience in a very short period of time. So it is very great for experimenting with video marketing. 

The short video frequently asked questions

Not exactly, but we dont do short video form to be longer than 60 seconds. We can say that this is average limit on internet today. 

Mostly today short videos are vertical format as on TikTok or YouTube Shorts. But we are able to deliver both formats, horizontal and vertical. Contact us for more information!

In general we are unable to set fixed prices for our services. You can get free quote by filling up quotation form

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