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What is Indie Film or Independent Movie Production in 2022

Everything about Indie Film or Independent Movie Production in 2022

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An indie movie i.e. independent movie is a short movie that is made outside the big film studio system, in addition to being made and distributed by entertainment companies that are also independent.

Indie movies are different in their style ad content, and also by the way in which the personal artistic vision of the filmmaker is realized.

Commonly, but not always, indie movies are produced with lower budgets in comparison to major studio films.

So what is an indie film or independent movie production?


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A short definition of indie films is that independent cinema is any type of filmmaking that takes place outside the mainstream commercial film industry or films or filmmaking practices that claim a degree of autonomy in relation variously to industrial practices, filmmaking conventions, or political contexts. Where there exists a large and powerful commercial film industry, as in the US and India, independence is commonly defined simply as every filmmaking institution and/or body of work produced outside the mainstream.



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