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Our video production portfolio

Over the past few years, our talented team has successfully finished more than 2000 projects. You can find some of our amazing work on this page. Feel free to reach out to us for our complete portfolio.

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Over the past four years, Imba Production has successfully completed more than 600 projects for our valued clients. Our unwavering passion drives us to consistently help brands grow and flourish. Explore our video production portfolio below, showcasing samples of our top-tier work for renowned brands and businesses.

Let’s collaborate and bring your vision to life. Reach out to us – we’re eager to discuss fresh ideas. Alternatively, complete our no-obligation quotation form, and we’ll promptly return with an estimate.

Our work and more...

Imba Production strongly believes in the uniqueness of every story, and our mission is to breathe life into these stories through captivating and high-quality video content. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to providing personalized video production services that cater to your specific needs, ensuring your vision is realized with utmost creativity and precision.

Explore how our unparalleled work, cutting-edge equipment, and innovative approach to video production can make a lasting impact on your business or personal project. Take a look at our portfolio showreels below or get in touch to start a conversation.

1. secret Wooden Cabin / Ovčar Banja, serbia

A Secret Wooden Cabin is a tourist place in central Serbia, on a hidden mountainside location with a beautiful lake. We have produced a fantastic promotional video for our clients. Check out what they say about us

2. Cooking Video showreel 1

Our videos are visually stunning, with high-quality video production. You’ll be drooling over the mouth-watering dishes as you learn how to create them in your own kitchen. Our short cooking reel 1 is a snapshot-based video clip that shows our video studio production with our cooking skills . All these snapshots in our reel video are part of projects we have done for our clients. 

4. cooking video showreel 2

Our cooking reel is cooking focused where we showcase our work in cooking video production. From basic cooking techniques to advanced recipes, our cooking videos cover a wide range of culinary topics. Our talented chefs provide step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow, so you can cook with confidence and create delicious meals that your family and friends will love.

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Our team of skilled videographers, editors, and producers are passionate about creating videos that tell a story, captivate audiences, and achieve the desired results. We understand that each project is unique, which is why we approach every video production with a fresh perspective and a keen eye for detail.

Whether you’re looking to promote your brand, educate your audience, or capture a special moment, we’re here to help. We’re committed to delivering video content that exceeds your expectations and helps you achieve your goals.


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