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our video production portfolio

During the previous several years, our team has completed over 2000 projects. Some of them you can find on this page. Contact us for our full portfolio. 

Innovative production workflow

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During the previous 4 years, imba production has completed over 600 projects for corporate partners. Our passion never fades away and we are constantly helping small brands to become bigger. Let’s do something together, contact us, we love to talk about new ideas.. 

1. secret Wooden Cabin / Ovčar Banja, serbia

during the previouse 3 year we have done over 1500 elearning videos for brands all around world. And below you can see our short story trailer where are just shown some of snapshots from our elearning portfolio. Have fun and let us know if you like it, we whoud be very glad to hear from you.  

2. elearning short reel 2

Our short reel 2 is a snapshot-based video clip that shows our video studio production with our background sets. All these snapshots in our reel video are part of projects we have done for our clients. 

4. elearning short reel 1

3. fall on the hippodrome

fall on the hippodrome is one of the interesting short videos that drive emotions for us. It is about horses, people, and dogs. it is about freedom and it is about life. 

Our Photo work

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