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We are a crew of enthusiastic and imaginative experts who love making great videos that go beyond what our clients want. We have been in the industry for a long time, so we know how to pay attention to small things and tell a compelling story through video. Want to learn more about us? Check out our info below!


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Understanding the Cost of Recipe Video Production Wondering about the price tag on a recipe video? Reach out to us for our detailed rate sheet! The investment for a recipe video varies based on numerous factors. This includes the expertise of the videographer, the caliber of filming gear, meticulous video styling, post-production efforts, and the quality of props and surfaces used. While some videographers might film and edit a recipe within an hour, others could dedicate up to 12 times more effort and time to the same task. The disparity often lies in the dedication and meticulousness brought to the video’s creation. Prioritize quality over cost. It’s essential to peruse portfolios before discussing pricing. Often, a videographer with exceptionally low rates will need to cover a high volume of recipes monthly, inevitably reducing the care given to each. From our extensive industry experience, we’ve observed three general tiers of recipe videographers. Although many, including us, opt not to disclose rates online, this guide offers a ballpark understanding of the investment differences between service levels.
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