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Our dedication to marketing video has allways been high, we love the expirience of creative world. So we have embraced better Instagram video production services for the brands-audience era. 

 With more instagram content choice than ever, today imba production is sucessfuly helping brands to engage, empower and increase fan base on all mediums and all social networks. 

We trade in attention and know-how to deepen relationships between brands, influencers, and their target audiences by co-creating with the best. From idea generation, storyboard, and script development, to production and distribution, our collaborative approach allows us to tell authentic and compelling stories that deliver measurable returns on investment.

Imba Production provides Instagram Video Production in Europe and worldwide.

There is no doubt about the fact that videos are the best way to market your product. The medium in which you choose to promote your video, however, must make sense. We live in an era of short attention spans and even smaller tolerance for boring, uninteresting media. Getting people to actually watch ads these days is a laborious task. That is why you should move slowly away from outright advertisement-like videos and into the sphere of personal and shareable videos that look like they were made for fun and not just to promote a product.

If that sounds counterintuitive, think about how viral videos are shared millions of times and re-watched over and over again. A professional crew and high production values can make the exact same content look and feel infinitely better, but the handheld, intimate nature of these videos is somehow appealing. Instagram videos are perfect to promote a product. They are short and don’t have to be made with the full budget of an explainer video.

Show the product

The point of an Instagram video is that it needs to reach people and they need to want to click on it voluntarily. It should not be stuffed with information, nor should it have flying graphics all over the screen. Simply show your product and make those few seconds count.

Show people  

Your workplace, staff, and the people who make your brand what it needs to be seen. You can have the video set in your offices to show off the fun work environment. Show the process of planning and activities that surround the product before it was brought to the customers. Showing people how much fun went into the product is one of the best ways to get people interested. 

Show people enjoying your product

Making use of the product is one thing, having fun with it is something else entirely. Make sure you capture the reaction of people who are really using your product or service like it was meant to. Most promotional videos restrict themselves to showing the product and cut out the user, you can have both for added effect.

How to successfully go about this?

The best way to go about using Instagram videos for business is to approach the Imba Production video production company- We can create a video can help you create the perfect Instagram posts to spark an interest in the minds of your customers. Instagram is made for mobile phones, so the idea is to be quick and show something in a way that catches the eye ad gives out just enough information for it tickle the curiosity of the customer. Once people start viewing it and sharing and commenting, a conversation will start in the comments and you have your promotion without even really ‘promoting’ it. The videos can be up to 60 seconds long but stick to a length of no more than 15 to 20 seconds.

At Imba Production, we can create an Instagram video that is fun, quirky, informative, and perfectly suited for your business needs. If you want your followers to get talking, contact us today.

Instagram Video production

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